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Software for reading, studying and comparing the Holy Bible
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Bible Database is software that lets you read the Bible in various versions and languages in a very easy and straightforward manner. Also, you can compare verses and entire chapters between two different versions and/or languages.
Its interface is very easy to use. You can simply open the program and a chapter of the Scriptures will appear. Then you can choose the part of the Bible you want to read: Old and New Testaments, Gospels, Letters, the Revelation, and so on. Also, you can search a particular word in the text you are viewing. Another interesting function is the Advanced Search feature, which lets you search any word in any of the Books which constitute the Bible, or in all of them at once.
The basic software comes with the King James version of the Scriptures, and you can download other programs to complement the basic one, such as a Biblical dictionary, maps, and versions of the Bible in several languages, which leads us to another useful function, consisting in the possibility of comparing the same verse or chapter in two different versions or languages such as Spanish, German, French and so on.
In short, this is a very useful program suitable for any cleric or lay person who needs to study the Scriptures, or simply enjoys reading them.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Very easy to use
  • You can add more elements if needed


  • The interface is kind of unattractive
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